Company Owned & Operated Aircraft

The company owned (low time) aircraft are a superbly presented Bell 206 Longranger (VH-ZMF), a BLACK OPS MD500E (VH-MDE) & a brand new Robinson R44 Raven II (VH-UMF). 

Fitted out in a corporate configuration including leather seating and high end headsets, all aircraft are meticulously maintained & looked after to the very highest standards. Our pride in the Company is reflected in our aircraft fleet.

The three helicopters are also equipped as follows...

  1.  Tracplus realtime satellite tracking system (UMF, ZMF & MDE)
  2.  Dual VHF radios (UMF, ZMF & MDE)
 Dual Garmin GPS (ZMF & MDE)
 Single Garmin GPS (UMF)
 Wire Strike Protection System (ZMF & MDE)
 GRN & Simoco digital radios (ZMF & MDE)
  1.  Bose A20 headsets (UMF & MDE)
  2.  David Clark H10-13H headsets (ZMF)
     Aircraft LB & pilot carried EPIRB (UMF, ZMF & MDE)
  3.  First Aid Kit (UMF, ZMF & MDE)
     Trafficscope alert system  (ZMF)
     Multiple HD camera mounts (UMF & ZMF)
  4.  Onboard HD camera system (UMF & ZMF)
     Premium leather seating (UMF, ZMF & MDE)
  5.  Air conditioning (UMF & ZMF)

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Blue Sky Helicopters Pty Ltd is a fully certified Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited Air Operator. Air Operating Certificate (AOC) number: S551971